Thursday, December 24, 2015

Weather for Santa's ride and other medium range outlook.

I've gotten several texts, calls and messages asking why I've not updated. Here is the skinny-- When the weather is boring and warm, I usually won't update. Your local TV guy, app does a decent job telling you to expect 55 and sunny. The blog is dusted off when winter weather is approaching or worth discussing.

Crazy warm today-  likely near record level today and a tad cooler but not much cooler Christmas day.

Now, I did expect a warmer than normal December but NOT this warm. We are 8.5 degrees above normal in Lynchburg and 7.9 degrees normal in Roanoke.

When will the pattern change?

We should start to regress back towards normal temps by the New Year. I'm not sure if this is short term 7-10 days or a longer range shift. It's typical for El Nino winters to have second half loaded winters, as mentioned in my winter outlook. There is some reason to "hope" for winter weather in that period.

We are seeing a "disruption" in the force so to speak which should disturb the polar vortex. This should allow for some colder weather by Jan 20th or so as previously discussed in our winter outlook.

Merry Christmas to all!