Friday, July 27, 2012

Stopping by the blog on a summers evening..

Well Howdy,

I must be the WORST weather blogger with the excessive heat and a few incredible thunderstorms that I've done NO updating on. NONE--

My goal is to improve that. I'm hoping to reformat the entire blog into a REAL website, have daily updates and a bit more features. Time frame on this launch is Oct (tentative)

Today's storm looked a little exciting for a minute, but once it approached there wasn't much where I was on Timberlake Road near Lynchburg. Other places had some hail--etc but none where I was.

So, my goal is to get more consistent updates and move away from the blog format. Winter weather is my greatest passion, but I do get pumped up over Severe and Hurricanes. I'll start to add more information on that as well to provide a more comprehensive service. With that, I'd suggest everyone follow Sean Sublette from WSET and Jamie Singleton when a severe event is on tap. For my money, they are two best local FB/Twitter guys. is worth following on FB-- he does more medium and long range stuff and is "full of personality" as well.

However, a little pre thought about winter. It seems clear that we are heading into an El Nino. If you recall my winter outlook in Winter 09/10 about how a moderate,west based El Nino is best for our region. Breaking that down a little, anything above a +1.2 in regions 3/4 of the Pacific is GREAT for us. The model data is not exact but some guess have it CLOSE to 1.2 but not quite there. (East based El Nino's are another beast as well)  Anyways, if you want a decent winter-- just on stats alone that 1.2 places us in the best statistical place for an exciting winter.